How Rising Tides Works

Whether you are a volunteer or an organization who needs volunteers, we work to connect individuals with extra time to groups that can use them.

For Volunteers

Step 1: Register

Tell us who you are! You provide your qualifications, work experience, & short biography.

Step 2: Browse Opportunities

Explore volunteer projects posted by communities that need your skills to adapt to climate impacts.

Step 3: Apply Online

Apply to volunteer through a two-question application detailing you interest in & availability to work.

Step 4: Interview

We set up an interview between the volunteer & community leader to learn more about the project. If it’s a good fit, the project begins!

Step 5: Getting Started

When a community accepts the volunteer as a match, we’ll send a milestone template for setting a timeline and a project outline. Many projects can be done working remotely.

Step 6: Ready to Help

Communities can log the progress of the project on Rising Tides so we know how the project’s going and can provide additional support throughout the process.

For Organizations

Register with Rising Tides

Tell us about your community! You provide a short introduction to the location, culture, local knowledges, and climate challenges your community is facing.

Post a project

Seek advice on a specific challenge by asking a question or choose from 30 different set types of climate change adaptation and historic preservation projects. We upload the project so that pro-bono professionals with the right skills can apply.

Review Volunteer Applications

You receive the qualified match volunteers and review the application. Each community has the option to accept, reject, or set up an interview to learn more about the professional.

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